Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not Just For Bridesmaids

While I am in love lately with the whole world of weddings I just wanted to put out a reminder that my mirrors are not just for bridesmaids.  Here are a few that I make as gifts for teachers, friends, sisters and any other woman that may just want to check her pretty face.

Who doesn't love one of the Vargas girls from the 40's?

How about an old yiddish saying that reminds me that I can't control everything but I can control how I deal with it?  Perfect little gift for anyone going through some stuff.

And these make lovely gifts.  Email me a photo and I can put it on a mirror.  Maybe an old family shot or sweet little newborns?  Love the ones with family pets.   It's all good.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful November, full of fun, good food and lots of laughs.