Friday, October 14, 2011

I Love Handmade!

Yep, I love handmade.  And in the case of buying handmade for an engagement or wedding gift.... well it just doesn't get any better.  Why?  Well the odds of the bride receiving duplicate gifts when they are handmade are just about nil. I also know that in time she'll never remember who gave her the toaster oven but she will remember who gave her one of these three gifts that I've selected today.

First...  how about this for a sweet engagement gift?

These beauties are from Monti at   Sure there is always a chance the bride will get some other glasses but none will be prettier or more unique than these.

second....  how popular would you be after giving these plates as a gift?

I love these.  This artist, Ceci of is always coming up with new styles and designs that would be perfect in any decor.

and third..... the perfect engagement gift.

This is an inspiration book made by Judy at .  It's a one of a kind wool felted journal.  Wouldn't that be a terrific little book for a bride to carry around to jot ideas in when they hit her?

I love weddings, I love brides and I love these three gift ideas that I've shared with you today.  :)


  1. Now what bride or any other person not want any of these items!!! Thanks for including my plates. Oh my, I love your statement!!!..........................

    "on a recent anniversary told my husband that I love him 98.8 percent of the time. He smiled and did not ask about the other 1.2 percent. That is why I love him. :)"

  2. I love that quote, too, that Ceci (above) cited. :-) It's true that handmade gifts will be remembered (and their givers) years later. Thanks for including my book with the other two beautiful items!

  3. These would make wonderful wedding gifts!!!