Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One of the Ways I Like to Work

I love looking at the color and styles of the 2012 season Bridesmaid dresses.  There are some great designs and some gorgeous color pallets out there.  When a bride sends me a message at my shop, and asks me if I can make some gifts for her bridesmaids that will match their dresses, the quick answer is "Yes, I can".  I recently had the most lovliest of brides with that exact request and this was the process.... She said her colors were Sangria and Silver.  I go online and scour the web for the color Sangria.  Did it make me thirsty?  You betcha, but I was on a mission.  These two photos seem to represent that color.

For me the rest is cake after that.  (I reference cake alot, it makes me happy)   These were the two designs I came up with for Sangria and Silver.


She chose the sangria pocket mirrors for her bridesmaids and the silver for her mom, aunts, and future mother in law.  Doesn't matter what age you are.... you still need to check your pretty face.  :)

I charge no extra for designing, it's fun and I love it.  The mirrors make sweet inexpensive gifts to give to the women who are celebrating this happy time in your life, right along with you.


  1. Those mirrors are so much fun, I love mine and what a splendid idea for gifts.
    Love the branch with the hearts. ♥♥

  2. Humm, Sangria, I've never heard of that for a color. Pretty! :) Your blog looks great!!!